During the months of May, June & September we organize beautiful walks every week and we also offer a great diversity and quality in terms of walks.

In the beautiful surroundings of La Vallée Verte you can really enjoy yourself. You can make beautiful walks in an overwhelming nature with beautiful views. The rugged Gorges d'Ardèche in the north are nearby, as is the vast nature reserve 'Les Concluses' with its immense riverbed.

In the spring and autumn it is extra beautiful here. You walk through the typical Mediterranean area with hills, terraces and lime-rich plateaus. In the spring you can enjoy the young, fresh nature. Almost every day new flowers and butterflies are discovered. The flowering broom brings a golden glow, the numerous cherry trees provide a tasty break and the bottom is covered with the characteristic scented plants such as thyme, rosemary and lavender. During the day it is twenty degrees or more and in the evening it is nice to stay on our bar terrace with a setting sun.

In the autumn, the landscape around La Vallée Verte is set in beautiful colors, thanks to the extensive vineyards and the generally blue sky. The sun is still fully visible and the activity of the winegrowers creates pleasant scenes.

The walks vary from 6 to 12 km and are also good for the less experienced hikers. Keep in mind that you have to go up and down a few walks. The area is not high, but steep slopes are possible. The walks are under our own expert guidance and start from the campsite or from a village in the immediate vicinity.


Participation in our organized walks is free and coffee is served ... There is also often a walk organized including an extensive French lunch at a unique spot (for which we do ask a contribution).

Tips: take good walking shoes, do not forget your camera and/or binoculars, a backpack with water bottle and small refreshments is recommended.

We hope to see you during one of our walks!