Normal pitches

You can really enjoy the outdoor life at La Vallée Verte. The terraced grounds have a really natural feeling.

The normal camping pitches are spaciously appointed (about 100 m²), marked out, surrounded by greenery and includes 10 amperes. There are shaded and sunny pitches. Some of the pitches have breathtaking views! This campsite offers you an oasis of peace and the ultimate camping experience. Pure nature.

We offer several pitches:
- Pitch < 100m2
- Premium pitch = 100 to 120m2, including refrigerator
- Premium XXL pitch = 120 to 150 m2, including refrigerator

Grand confort pitches

At La Vallée Verte you can also choose for a camping pitch with its own sanitary facilities! You stay in an extra spacious and beautiful place, situated privately, on the highest right wing of the campsite. These 18 places are approximately 120m2 in size, sunny, including 10 amperes and gravel-like surface. In addition to space and peace, the places have a modern private bathroom.

The bathroom has a shower, toilet and washbasin. This is located at a short distance from your spot, a so-called Sanilodge of 6 private rooms, each separately closed. Your bathroom will be delivered clean on arrival. You must do the final cleaning of your private bathroom or you can reserve it via the reception. On the outside you will also find 2 dish-basins per SaniLodge. Look for the Grand confort places (number 60-77) on our map.

You can choose from 2 different kinds of GrandConfort pitches:
- GrandConfort < 120m2 with private sanitary facilities
- GrandConfort Premium < 120m2 pitch with private sanitary facilities, including refrigerator